Dorset Based Defence Companies: 7 Great Employers

Dorset Based Defence Companies: 7 Great Employers

If you’re a manufacturing or engineering professional, you may be looking at the sorts of industries you can explore whilst looking for jobs. On the south coast, one of the primary industries engineers can enter is the defence industry. We have a strong Armed Forces presence in both Royal Navy and British Army bases in Dorset, which has led to some exciting defence companies choosing our home county as a seat for their operations. This article will give you seven great Dorset based defence companies to work for in the local area, the projects they work on, and why they’re great employers.


AGI (Aeronautical & General Instruments)


AGI is a leading Defence, design and manufacturing business in Dorset. Having been established for over 100 years, they primarily focus on navigational equipment, such as naval displays, meteorological systems and visual landing systems, with their products used in over 50 countries worldwide. All of the design and manufacturing gets carried out at their headquarters in Poole, which has a great team of engineering and manufacturing professionals and a clean, modern workshop.

They have recently undertaken a Lean / Six Sigma transformation program for their business, so it is a great time to join them as a Production Engineer or Manufacturing Engineer.


AISH Technologies


AISH Technologies is a highly regarded supplier of naval and military electronics hardware, rugged enclosures and cabinets, and military vehicle protection systems such as BAR Armour and mine-protected chassis. They are now the leading supplier of naval operator consoles to the Royal Navy.

They’ve got a fantastic team which includes some of the best Electrical Engineers, Project Managers and Design Engineers from both military and commercial backgrounds. They also design and manufacture all of their products at their site in Poole and have an excellent median employee tenure of just under five years (LinkedIn)


Draken (Formally Cobham)


Draken Europe (formally known as Cobham Ltd) is a part of the world’s most significant private air force, making up a slice of the Draken International Group. They specialise in offering safe, reliable and realistic threat replication in a wide range of fighter aircraft to air forces and navies worldwide. Draken Europe has recently secured a six-year contract with the RAF to conduct training exercises against their fighter jets, replicating tactics, techniques and procedures of potential adversaries.

Draken is situated at Bournemouth Airport, with the group’s subsidiaries located worldwide. They are a genuinely cutting-edge defence engineering business with a global footprint. Working for them would see an engaging and mission-critical workload for Electronics Design Engineers, Project Engineers and Quality Managers.


Tods Defence


Having been established for more than 60 years, Tods Defence is the preferred supplier of the Royal Navy for sonar domes, acoustic windows and structures, and other complex systems for use on submarines and naval vessels. Supplying their market-leading products to over 25 countries across the globe, Tods Defence also provides design services to major companies worldwide.

Based in Portland and Dorchester, they are a great Dorset based defence company for engineering professionals with Project Management, Manufacturing, Quality or CAD Engineering experience.


ABP Technologies


ABP Technologies‘ origins go back to the 1960s, when they worked primarily as a contractor to the MoD. Since providing critical manufacturing experience to the UK defence sector, they have developed their line of products along with continuing contracting services to the MoD and commercial customers. They now have a solid international reputation as product design, manufacturing and engineering pioneers.

They specialise in EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal), creating remotely operated vehicles, remote exploders, de-armers and bomb suits. Working for ABP allows you to work on best-in-class equipment that is likely to save many lives.

ABP is based in Poole and hires from many disciplines, including Design Engineers, Wirers and Technical Buyers. They also boast a fantastic median employee tenure of 7.3 years (LinkedIn).


Atlas Elektronik UK


A respected high technology defence company with a global footprint, Atlas Elektronik specialises in maritime engineering. Best known for their expertise in sensor engineering, information technology and hydroacoustics. Their products include uncrewed vehicles, naval security systems and submarine technologies. Atlas’ systems are relied on by 38 navies worldwide and have headquarters in 12 countries.

They pride themselves on the quality of their workforce, with 80% of staff being engineers, technicians or skilled workers. Many of which have extensive Armed Forces and technical backgrounds. They are based in Winfrith, near Dorchester and offer excellent employment packages and as part of a vast multinational group, the growth opportunities are boundless.


Cobham Mission Systems


Cobham Mission Systems are the world’s leading supplier of critical control solutions, their mission is to increase the safety and mission capabilities of personnel and equipment in extreme environments. Their UK Engineering and manufacturing operations are based in Wimborne and focus on Air-to-Air Refuelling and Weapons Carriage and Release. Part of a global group producing a wide array of defence and critical industry equipment, they are the preferred supplier for many armies, navies and air forces worldwide.

They offer challenging and rewarding roles for engineering and manufacturing professionals such as Development Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers and Mechanical Engineers. Cobham also boasts a low staff turnover rate, attesting to the great working environment they have created, with an average employment length of just under 6 years (LinkedIn).


Whilst there are many defence manufacturing businesses and subcontractors throughout Dorset, the above are seven great Dorset based defence companies to choose from if you are looking for an engineering job in the Defence sector. They are big enough to offer career development and allow experienced engineers and manufacturing professionals to work on various exciting, diverse products. You can find all of our jobs relating to the defence industry below.

Some of our consultants actually work closely with several of these local defence industry leaders, so if you’re an engineering professional and would like to see what jobs we currently have available with them, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact page or calling us directly on 01202 237383.

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