Blue Collar Recruitment

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As Blue Collar Recruitment specialists, we were founded by and still contain time served Engineers. Holt Engineering Recruitment are perfectly placed to source Mechanical and Electrical skilled shop floor staff for your business using our hands-on approach and Engineering backgrounds.

The apprentice trained background and long-standing Engineering network of relationships that our consultants have built over decades within the Engineering industry mean that you will be provided accurate solutions to your recruitment needs in a timely manner.

The types of positions that we cover include CNC Machinists, Welders, Mechanical and Electrical Fitters, Wireman, Maintenance and Service Engineers as well as more niche workshop engineering skill sets.

What is Blue Collar Recruitment?


Blue Collar Recruitment refers to the process of hiring individuals for jobs that typically involve manual labour. Blue Collar Roles are typically associated with the manufacturing, construction, and service industries.

Holt Engineering Recruitment typically targets candidates with less formal education and Blue Collar training than White Collar Candidates, and the term “Blue Collar” comes from the traditional uniform worn by manual labourers.

The recruitment process for Blue Collar jobs may involve advertising job openings through traditional channels, such as newspapers or job boards, as well as through more specialized channels, such as industry-specific trade publications or job fairs. Employers may also use staffing agencies or temp agencies to find and hire blue-collar workers.

The recruitment process for Blue Collar jobs may also involve assessing candidates’ physical abilities, technical skills, and experience, as well as their willingness to work flexible schedules and in potentially hazardous environments. We will also target candidates who have a strong work ethic, the ability to work as part of a team, and a commitment to safety.

Overall, Blue Collar recruitment is an important part of the hiring process for employers in a variety of industries, and finding the right candidates for these jobs requires careful planning and attention to the unique needs of each role.